Brick-and-Mortar Experience

Brick-and-mortar stores give consumers a place where they can come in and experience a brand in person. These stores are pivotal not just in creating that brand experience, but in connecting with a customer and establishing brand loyalty for the long haul.

Increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.*

The Retail Industry Changes Constantly

  • The economy affects spending habits and patterns.

  • More products are launched every day.

  • Consumers are becoming more and more aware about what’s out there and often look for online information rather than help from an in-store salesperson.

  • Digital competition and showrooming continue to grow.

The Retail Industry Changes Constantly

  • The economy affects spending habits and patterns.

  • More products are launched every day.

  • Consumers are becoming more and more aware about what’s out there and often look for online information rather than help from an in-store salesperson.

  • Digital competition and showrooming continue to grow.

When a company offers a great customer experience:

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How can you possibly keep up with all of the changes and optimize your customer’s experience – all while trying to run your business?

Here’s where comes in…

ShopperAnalytics provides a wealth of data that allow retailers to determine new solutions to modern challenges. It reveals never previously accessible information critical for creating the ideal shopping experience.

First of all: What are Analytics?

Analytics is the discovery and communication of important patterns of information. It relies upon computer programming, statistics, and operations research to reveal and evaluate the “big picture” of an organization’s performance. Data visualization showcases this insight in clear, meaningful ways, enabling the retailer to address areas of success and areas of improvements within the store.

What can FastSensor - Shopper Analytics help with?

Before applying, you’ll want to begin with the end in mind:

  • What areas of your operation require attention?

  • Where would you like to see improvement or change?

  • Do your challenges pertain more to the customer? The employees? The store layout itself?

Typical questions can answer:

  • What percentage of individuals walking by the store outside are coming inside?

  • Are the shoppers being engaged on a regular basis?

  • Are the current promotions and offers effective?

  • What messages are selling the best?

  • Which design is the best for the store?

  • What’s the best way to increase conversion numbers?

  • What’s the best way to schedule staff members to help increase sales and boost revenue?

  • What’s the most effective method of capitalizing on peak traffic hours?

  • How can the queues best be optimized to help reduce the amount of abandonment going on?

How does FastSensor - Shopper Analytics work?

  • 1

    Plug-and-play sensors gather non personal radio frequency signals emitted by mobile phones.

  • 2

    FastSensor measures how customers flow through, how long they stay and how often they return.

  • The cloud platform accumulates information from all stores into a single place, providing a unified and instant view of shoppers, across the chain—all in real time.

What information does it provide?

People Counting:

Retailers can monitor the amount of people walking by store outside and coming inside, peak hours and foot traffic over the week, month or year. This data assists retailers in determining in the effectiveness of past and current marketing and sales strategies.

Full Path Analysis:

With this type of analysis, retailers can analyze the overall shopping trip, as it provides a detailed understanding of the customer’s entire experience. This helps determine how each store’s layout, staff interaction, product selection, and pricing affects overall sales.

Heat Map:

A heat map will provide you with a detailed understanding of traffic throughout the store. Knowing how customers navigate the store, what products draw attention, which areas tend to be the most frequently visited, and which departments are cross-shopped, can reveal where to focus marketing efforts and design concepts.


Retailers need to know how many consumers are coming into the store on a daily, a weekly, a monthly, and a yearly basis. They need to know what people are buying, how often they’re coming back, and why. Reliable data affords the ability to identify issues, overcome obstacles, and cater to the customer.

Dwell & Waiting Times:

These are key indicators of a shopper’s experience in the store. Retailers examine in-store trends by identifying optimal dwell times - whether by department, time of day, or season. Time spent waiting for the fitting room and the cash register can provide valuable information as well. Both can be used to improve the overall experience.

In-Store Conversion Rates:

While a store might see 100 shoppers on any given day, this means little if those shoppers don’t become customers. Calculating the amount of browsing that results in sales can provide an accurate depiction of each store’s conversion rate and reveal the action(s) and steps required to increase sales and boost profits.

You can dig in to discover more details…

And have your own Customized Dashboard

How to anticipate needs and manage stores?

Shopper Analytics includes real-time alerts in order to maximize effectiveness and enable real-time store management strategies. This includes:

  • Opening/closing checkout counters depending on the customers approaching the checkout barrier.

  • Re-allocating staff to busier departments or store areas.

  • Trigger marketing activities such as a proximity marketing campaign to drive foot traffic on slow days.

Our technology is the most effective





Unique Visitors



1sq.meter accuracy

Traffic patterns and paths

Walk by traffic

Differentiate shoppers and employees

In-Store Coupons

and FastSensor - Shopper Analytics is the most effective

  • Gather data specifically for Retails
    Shopper Analytics will generate immediate and impactful insights in a straightforward and simple way.

  • Easy to interpret infographics
    A spreadsheet filled with rows and columns of number can make anyone’s eyes glaze over. The creative and aesthetic pairing of data and design proves a far better alternative.

  • Take advantage of real-time reports and alerts
    Once areas of improvement and adjusts are identified, real-time reporting allows prompt actions and implementation results in immediate and impactful benefits to customer and retailer alike.

Key Differences from Competitor Systems

  • Passive tracking

  • Active messaging & alerting

  • Large coverage with few devices

  • Accuracy

  • No integration requirements or use of store internet or computer network.

  • Learning over time and qualified information




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